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Your cost is only for the session, but the effects of my session goes FAR beyond that time. My intent is to HEAL you... I want to share my healing abilities with you to make you feel better all the time, NOT just the time on my table...

To give you the best session I can, I strive to maintain the healthiest and most aware I can be, so the healing can pass easily from my intent to you. If you are looking for the cheapest massage, please look elsewhere. If you are looking for the most valuable massage, you found me.

There is a VAST difference between a strip-mall massage parlor, and my offering. I am a more than a CMT, I am a Health Educator. My massage begins as soon as I do your intake. (your time starts when I start the actual massage) Learning what you need and creating the customized plan to get the most value out of what you are getting and I am giving.

I also come from a lifetime of athletics that helped lay the foundation of my muscle, kinesiology, and massage knowledge long before I even went to massage school. My resume is filled with 10 years of the highest end 4 and 5 Star spas in the Wine Country and now I am available here in Roseville!

Walker Massage was founded in 2006 when I bought my massage table. I had my first client that same day. I then went to National Holistic Institute for massage school, where I attained every top award possible, and was immediately recruited to work in the World Famous Napa Valley. I worked there for 3 different luxury resorts over the next 10 years, still working at a Five-Star resort there on occasion.

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