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Hello Groupon Clients!!   

Thank you for purchasing my Groupon!   Schedule fills up, best to call and book asap.  Please also be aware of my cancellation policy, which is this ---  Must contact me via PHONE (not text or email) within 12 hours of the scheduled appointment, otherwise it gets counted as a full appointment.  It's only fair because your timeslot was most likely denied to the next client because you reserved it.  


If you purchase 2, one is to be used as a gift for someone else.   (I developed my Frequent Flyer Program for you to continue at a reduced rate)  I have both 60 and 90 min options, and yes, both can be bought twice with the second one as a gift.  So you can buy up to 4 Groupons.  2 for you, 2 as a gift.

When inquiring for an appointment, please tell me which one you got, I can't look it up quickly on my end.  With planning, I can be in as early as 5am, or as late as 10pm.