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Whether it's deep tissue or soft touch, I still use about 9 different total massage modalities in any single session.   The body is too diverse to stick to Swedish, or deep tissue.   Lomi Lomi is my main style, it blends deep tissue and circulatory work quite well, the best I have ever used.  I also mix in some shiatsu, reflexology, thai, sports, lymphatic, and for energy work I am always in a reiki state of mind when working and also can do some cranial-sacral head work.  


I never need to ask if the pressure is OK, I have the intuition to know.   I usually ask once before the massage, what style you are looking for.  Relaxation, therapeutic, or a mix.   From there I set a tone of pressures for the whole body. 


Even at my 5  star resort in wine country I get many "best massage ever" compliments to the ladies at the front desk.   I also get "unique" a lot in the compliments, they say, they have traveled the world but mine was the best, and most personalized and unique.